1. Pre-Production is Where the Magic Happens

    Sometimes there is a misconception that video production is easier than it looks. What the average person does not see, is all of the hard work that goes into pre-production to make the project work.

    Most directors and producers, from commercial to cinema, will tell you that pre-production is where it all really happens.

    Planning is the most important part of filmmaking and video production. Being prepared when the time comes to shoot will make life easier and in the end will give you a better product.

    While doing some research, I stumbled upon an app that seems to be pretty amazing in helping with camera shots and movement. It’s called Shot Designer and it is packed with many features that will make planning a shoot very easy.

    Of course shot planning is not the only aspect of pre-production but with today’s technology, there has never been a time where the tools of pre-production have offered so much to make the process easier.

    Shot Designer App

    Shot Designer – Shot planning app.