1. New Editing Feature in Premiere for Interviews

    At Revive Media Productions it is quite often that we include interviews in our video production projects.

    Quite often, the person speaking will have to battle some nerves and on occasion may find it challenging to talk naturally in front of the camera. This usually results in stutters or filling pauses with “um” or “you know”. Usually, to make the speaking fluid and easier to understand we cut those sections out and make the audio seamless but the video has to be covered up by b-roll so that you don’t see the jump cuts in the final edit.

    Premiere has developed a new technology that incorporates morphing so that the video does not jump and becomes as seamless as the audio. Using frame blending and interpolation of the existing video, it makes new video frames to smooth out the transition of the jump cuts.

    Below is a link to the video where it shows how valuable of a tool this can be to editors and video production companies.

    Premiere Morph Cut Video