1. NAB New Cameras

    NAB 2015 brought in some really interesting cameras to the market.

    For starters, Canon introduced the long-awaited C300 Mark II, with 4K internal recording, external RAW recording and some pretty powerful focusing features.


    Blackmagic surprised again with a smaller and feature-packed version of the already released URSA, the URSA mini. Giving the run and gun community some powerful option with 4.6k raw internal recording and a shoulder mounting option.


    Sony introduced an ENG/documentary style camcorder that has a feature never before seen on any camera, a built-in variable ND filter that can be adjusted manually or automatically. This feature is sure to see the large sensor cameras in the near future.


    Blackmagic also introduced a powerful camera in a little package. The new Blackmagic Micro is sure to be used much like a GoPro in some instances. With its global shutter and RAW recording capabilities, it comes in at a time where there are not a lot of options in the micro camera department.


    We live in a great time of technological advances and it is very exciting to have many tools available to directors of photography. Having these many tools really enhances video production and filmmaking.