1. Gyro Stabilized Mounts

    One of the latest crazes in video production is the gyro stabilized hand held mount. Companies like DJI, Movi, Letus and a slew of other smaller players are making these video production tools more affordable.

    The technology was initially used for stabilizing video cameras on drones and made its way to hand held devices that allow some very steady and creative shooting compared to a Steadicam rig.

    Steadicam and Glidecam rigs have been around for some time but they take some practice and are not very good with the roll axis especially when trying to hold a shot still.

    Gyro mounts are easy to learn, extremely stable on the roll and in holding the shot, but don’t have as much vertical stabilization at the Steadicam style rigs.

    All-in-all it is not a replacement to the Steadicam as much as an additional tool to enhance your video production.

    DJI has led the way in affordable pricing and has released a smaller version of their very successful DJI Ronin, the DJI Ronin M. Click here to see a video at NAB by Cinema5D.  The unit will retail for $1399.