1. LTM 1.2k HMI Par

    Revive Media added a new member to its lighting package this week. An LTM 1200W HMI par light.

    These are all around great lights to use outdoors in bright daylight or to simulate daylight coming in through a window. They are also daylight balanced to match the sunlight’s Kelvin color temperature.

    Let us know about your production needs and also check out our one ton grip package.


  2. Gyro Stabilized Mounts

    One of the latest crazes in video production is the gyro stabilized hand held mount. Companies like DJI, Movi, Letus and a slew of other smaller players are making these video production tools more affordable.

    The technology was initially used for stabilizing video cameras on drones and made its way to hand held devices that allow some very steady and creative shooting compared to a Steadicam rig.

    Steadicam and Glidecam rigs have been around for some time but they take some practice and are not very good with the roll axis especially when trying to hold a shot still.

    Gyro mounts are easy to learn, extremely stable on the roll and in holding the shot, but don’t have as much vertical stabilization at the Steadicam style rigs.

    All-in-all it is not a replacement to the Steadicam as much as an additional tool to enhance your video production.

    DJI has led the way in affordable pricing and has released a smaller version of their very successful DJI Ronin, the DJI Ronin M. Click here to see a video at NAB by Cinema5D.  The unit will retail for $1399.

  3. Blackmagic Video Assist

    One important piece of equipment in video production is a monitor. It is primarily used for the Director of Photography to frame, expose and focus his shot, but many use this great tool to enhance their abilities on set.

    An assistant camera or AC may use it to pull focus or on a stabilization rig, such as the DJI Ronin. A director may use one to see what the final shot will look like and give direction accordingly. Playback for the clients and agency utilize them to make creative decisions once they see what the images look like on the screen.

    With the numerous technological advances, pricing keeps getting better and better. It greatly benefits the end user and once in a while someone hits the market with something new at such a great price. Black magic Design seems to be that company. With their venture into the camera world they have made a name for themselves for affordable cameras that pack a punch with features.

    Their latest product, the Blackmagic Video Assist, is a 5 inch, full HD monitor that not only has recording capabilities but has SDI and HDMI with loop through outputs. Giving you the ability to make this a tool for all departments. Since they are knows for their very attractive price points, it should be no surprise that this monitor comes in at $500.

  4. Pre-Production is Where the Magic Happens

    Sometimes there is a misconception that video production is easier than it looks. What the average person does not see, is all of the hard work that goes into pre-production to make the project work.

    Most directors and producers, from commercial to cinema, will tell you that pre-production is where it all really happens.

    Planning is the most important part of filmmaking and video production. Being prepared when the time comes to shoot will make life easier and in the end will give you a better product.

    While doing some research, I stumbled upon an app that seems to be pretty amazing in helping with camera shots and movement. It’s called Shot Designer and it is packed with many features that will make planning a shoot very easy.

    Of course shot planning is not the only aspect of pre-production but with today’s technology, there has never been a time where the tools of pre-production have offered so much to make the process easier.

    Shot Designer App

    Shot Designer – Shot planning app.

  5. New Editing Feature in Premiere for Interviews

    At Revive Media Productions it is quite often that we include interviews in our video production projects.

    Quite often, the person speaking will have to battle some nerves and on occasion may find it challenging to talk naturally in front of the camera. This usually results in stutters or filling pauses with “um” or “you know”. Usually, to make the speaking fluid and easier to understand we cut those sections out and make the audio seamless but the video has to be covered up by b-roll so that you don’t see the jump cuts in the final edit.

    Premiere has developed a new technology that incorporates morphing so that the video does not jump and becomes as seamless as the audio. Using frame blending and interpolation of the existing video, it makes new video frames to smooth out the transition of the jump cuts.

    Below is a link to the video where it shows how valuable of a tool this can be to editors and video production companies.

    Premiere Morph Cut Video

  6. PBS Documentary

    Revive Media Productions was hired to gaff, provide a grip truck and a lighting package for an upcoming shoot of a documentary in Walton County for PBS.

    It is a television documentary called 10 Towns that Changed America.

    Commercial, narrative, corporate or television, we have the crew and grip/lighting gear to fit all of your video production needs.

  7. Atalanta Based Food Show

    We are wrapped with day 1 of 2 for an Atlanta based food show. Revive Media Productions was hired to provide the lighting, grip truck and a gaffer.

    The director of photography was using the new Sony FS7 and was getting some fantastic images.


    Sony FS7 Image

    Video Production

    Simple lighting set up

  8. Atlanta Eats Hires Revive

    Last year Revive Media Productions was hired to supply their one ton grip truck and a lighting package for Atlanta Eats, an Atlanta based television show about fine dining locations. They came down to the Emerald Coast to feature some of the fine cuisine we have locally here on our shores. You can see the final production below. 

    This year they are coming back and hired Revive Media once again to supply grip and lighting equipment as well as a gaffer to assist their director of photography with lighting. We will be featuring a restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama and right here in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

  9. NAB New Cameras

    NAB 2015 brought in some really interesting cameras to the market.

    For starters, Canon introduced the long-awaited C300 Mark II, with 4K internal recording, external RAW recording and some pretty powerful focusing features.


    Blackmagic surprised again with a smaller and feature-packed version of the already released URSA, the URSA mini. Giving the run and gun community some powerful option with 4.6k raw internal recording and a shoulder mounting option.


    Sony introduced an ENG/documentary style camcorder that has a feature never before seen on any camera, a built-in variable ND filter that can be adjusted manually or automatically. This feature is sure to see the large sensor cameras in the near future.


    Blackmagic also introduced a powerful camera in a little package. The new Blackmagic Micro is sure to be used much like a GoPro in some instances. With its global shutter and RAW recording capabilities, it comes in at a time where there are not a lot of options in the micro camera department.


    We live in a great time of technological advances and it is very exciting to have many tools available to directors of photography. Having these many tools really enhances video production and filmmaking.

  10. One Ton Grip Truck

    Revive Media Services has added 1/2 Soft Frost, 1/4 Silent/Sail Grid Cloth and Ultra Bounce to their 4×4 diffusion materials on their one ton grip truck.

    If you are looking for a grip, lighting or camera package in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Panama City or within driving distance of the Emerald Coast, call us for rates. 850-362-0001.