1. Blackmagic Video Assist

    One important piece of equipment in video production is a monitor. It is primarily used for the Director of Photography to frame, expose and focus his shot, but many use this great tool to enhance their abilities on set.

    An assistant camera or AC may use it to pull focus or on a stabilization rig, such as the DJI Ronin. A director may use one to see what the final shot will look like and give direction accordingly. Playback for the clients and agency utilize them to make creative decisions once they see what the images look like on the screen.

    With the numerous technological advances, pricing keeps getting better and better. It greatly benefits the end user and once in a while someone hits the market with something new at such a great price. Black magic Design seems to be that company. With their venture into the camera world they have made a name for themselves for affordable cameras that pack a punch with features.

    Their latest product, the Blackmagic Video Assist, is a 5 inch, full HD monitor that not only has recording capabilities but has SDI and HDMI with loop through outputs. Giving you the ability to make this a tool for all departments. Since they are knows for their very attractive price points, it should be no surprise that this monitor comes in at $500.